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Snow White In New York Poem by Abi

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I guess you think step-mothers are cool,

You shouldn’t. They make you look like an absolute fool.

The phoney ones, the one your father marries,

Soon she’ll be walking around with the child she carries.

And made to cheer you up after your mothers death,

Just to keep you happy until your last breath.


Snow White’s step-mother always liked to see herself in the New York Mirror.

Her shiny black hair that would shimmer.

But Snow White, Belle of New York,

Didn’t play with the end of her fork.

While her father was at the valley,

A guard of her step-mother dragger her to a deep dark alley.

But the guard could not kill the young lady,

And her step-mother was looking shady.

“I’ll kill her myself!” she said,

Into the mirror that was red.

“Dear Snow, please come to my ball,

It’ll be fun! It’ll be cool!”


Snow White agreed while on the phone.

On her own,

she stumbled across a club,

The Blue Diamonds Jazz Club.

And was offered a job,

A singing job.

And as she sang,

She earned a fan.

And it was a news reporter.

And she was shorter.

After that, she left for the ball,

That was supposedly cool.

Her step-mother gave her a cherry cocktail drink,

With a scary horrific wink.


She fell to the floor.


A few days passed, and her father was crying and coughing.

The 7 jazz men and the news reporter held her coffin.

A jazz men tripped,

And they all slipped.

Snow White opened her eye.

She did not die.

She saw the news reporter,

The one where she was shorter.

They got married, went on honeymoon on a beach near the seas,

And they danced in between the trees.


Abigail, 6M

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